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Another of Maiden's historical epics, 'Alexander The Great' is the best song on the album. It details the history of the military genius Alexander of Macedon (356323 BC), who conquered the Persian empire and may be the only general in history to have never lost a single battle.

The song contains one unfortunate historical inaccuracy, suggesting that Alexander's army wouldn't follow him to India . In fact, they did enter India and went as far as the Indus river in what is now modern-day Pakistan . Plutarch's account describes Alexander's final battle in India , where he faced and defeated an army which included mounted elephants. Some will argue that such inaccuracies are irrelevant, or forgivable due to "artistic license". I disagree. If the entire purpose of a song is to inform of historical events, then these events should at least be as accurate as possible. Otherwise, it's an inspired song in the same vein as 'To Tame A Land' and 'Rime Of The Ancient Mariner'.



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