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'Heaven Can Wait' is a song about a near-death experience. It is a fairly long song, and its highlight is the sing-along section just before the guitar solos, which is practically custom-made for live concerts. This sing-along also has the unusual feature of vocal support by some guys they found in a place called Tehe's Bar. This explains the reference to Tehe's Bar on the album cover.

Near-Death Experiences, or NDE for short, are these strange reports by people who have been declared clinically dead, but who managed somehow to come back to life. Although it is difficult to assert that these impressions are purely physiological and only due to the neurons of a dying brain firing wildly as a defensive response to the stress caused by the situation, NDEs do not in any way constitute an evidence for an afterlife. Not all subjects reported dead and subsequently revived have experienced an NDE, and each NDE seems to be unique. The "vision" of a tunnel of light, as mentioned in the song, appears to be common, however, and Bosch's illustration of The Last Judgement indicates that this phenomenon has been reported already some five centuries ago.

Heaven Can Wait The 1943 Film Heaven Can Wait The 1978 Film The topic of the afterlife and that some people may get there a bit too early has also been exploited by Hollywood and, to date, two films have been released with the title Heaven Can Wait. The 1943 Ernst Lubitsch comedy tells us the story of a man who has to justify himself in order to gain access to Hell, whereas the 1978 version, directed by Warren Beatty who is also playing the main character, relates the tale of a young American footballer who meets an untimely death and finds himself reincarnated into the body of a millionaire who wants to buy Los Angeles Rams in order to once again quarterback them into the Superbowl. Life after death seems to be a popular topic indeed!



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