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Sea Of Madness' is another psychological sort of song, which might be about someone who is slowly slipping into madness, although the lyrics are fairly ambiguous. Its start is a little rocky, but the great chorus and guitar solos rescue it and make it another excellent song.

It seems that the "Sea of Madness" is some sort of metaphor of the current state of Mankind, although it can be argued that things have always been like this since the dawn of humanity and that they will quite unfortunately remain this way for many centuries to come. Fires are burning, people cry, and the character describing all this simply turns his back and leaves. Confronted to so much violence and misery, it is sometimes hard to do anything at all and the best is sometimes quite simply to walk away from it all...

This song has always reminded me of Hieronymus Bosch's painting called The Ship Of Fools, which is also an allegory of Mankind's often appalling condition. This seems to indicate that, already in the late 15th Century, when the painting was made, artists were representing our civilisation as a ship with a crew of fools set adrift on a sea of madness.



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