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The first thing one notices about 'Caught Somewhere In Time' is the guitar synth, which is heavily applied in the song's intro. However, once the song gets going the synth pretty much disappears.

Some argue that this song was somehow inspired by the 1979 film Time After Time in which H.G. Wells, the famous Science-Fiction author, invents a time machine incidentally, Wells actually wrote a novel called The Time Machine, published in 1895, which inspired le cinema industry since the mid-20th Century. The story relates how Wells pursues one of his friends, who turns out to be Jack the Ripper, into the late 1970s where Jack has found refuge in a world of violence that he considers his "natural habitat".

The song is about someone who is apparently being urged to sell their soul, although what is being offered in exchange remains unclear. This is one of the few songs where Dickinson 's singing is not quite so palatable, mainly in the chorus where it seems like he is trying to sing too loudly. The result is something that is almost shouting and borderline out of tune. Otherwise, it is a decent song.



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