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single31b_taatg2_a_small9th March 1998

1.  The Angel And The Gambler (short version) (Harris)
2.  The Aftermath (live) (Harris, Bayley, Gers)
---Man On The Edge (video) (Bayley, Gers)

This is part II of the Angel And The Gambler single from the Virtual XI album. This single also contains three double-sided cards with the musicians posing in Maiden football gear. As already said in the Part I commentary of this single, the number 11 seems to have been regarded вЂ" by Steve Harris at least вЂ" as symbolic and as a link between Steve's main interests in life: music and football.

Like in Part I, this single contains a video instead of the usual third audio track we'd been used to so far.

The Angel And The Gambler (short Version) (Harris)
This is the shortened version of the one that appears on the Virtual XI album. This is normally quite a long song вЂ" nearly 10 minutes вЂ" but this edited version makes it a bit more palatable.

The Aftermath (live) (Harris, Bayley, Gers)
This live version of 'The Aftermath' was recorded on 1st November 1995 in Gothenburg, Sweden, during the X Factour.

Man On The Edge (video) (Bayley, Gers)
The original studio version of 'Man On The Edge' appears on the X Factor album. The video was shot in Masada, Israel, as part of a Top Of The Pops fixture в " the TOTP logo is apparent on the amplifiers.There isn't much to say about this video, except that the band is "playing" on top of one of the local houses. Nicko has an unusually small drumkit and wears an Arafat-like kind of kitchen cloth on his head. He seems to be the only one in the band not to take the whole thing seriously. Well, what do you expect from a video made for Top Of The Pops!



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