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This song is about the pervasive fear that is ingrained into the very core of modern society. As children we are taught to fear strangers, and this fear carries over into society as a whole. It is a fairly long song, with a number of interesting tempo changes and an excellent mid-song instrumental section.

'Don't Look To The Eyes Of A Stranger' has an interesting and most probably unintentional tie with the lyrics of 'Killers'. Whereas the story is seen from the perspective of the attacker in 'Killers', this one takes us into the anguished mind of the victim. The possibility to relate one song to another is yet another element that makes Iron Maiden so great.

This is another idea which I'd had for a while but hadn't managed to work up into a full song until now. I wanted it to sound a bit orchestral as it had a majestic feel to it. It also sounded very ominous so I wanted to make the end part completely mad and manic, I think Jan's not too sure about that part but I think it works great!

Steve Harris



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