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'The Educated Fool' is about the deep and introspective mid-life realisation that most people eventually reach, where they begin to realise that their education and ideals are not really relevant to what is important in life. But the song also seems to be a statement of hope, to put these things into a proper perspective and face the ultimate meaning of life (whatever that might be) head-on.

This is also the first song where Steve Harris's father is mentioned ("I want to meet my father beyond"), as he had recently passed away. The other song that mentions Steve's father is 'Blood Brothers' ("Just for a second a glimpse of my father I see"), yet another life-questioning song, although on a more general level.

Musically this is an excellent song, with powerful emotion, some great vocal harmonies, and classic Maiden riffage. Definitely this is one of the best songs on the album.

This started from the guitar melody line that you hear at the beginning and it fitted really well with a couple of other ideas that I had at the time. It turned out very strong and is one of Blaze's favourites on the album.

Steve Harris



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