The Unbeliever' is another introspective and inward-looking song, perhaps the most non-standard and misunderstood songs on the album. Many people dislike this song, mostly at first, but it isn't as bad as it seems and, provided you give yourself time to adjust to its peculiar style, after several listens it will grow on you a lot, especially with the chorus and mid-song instrumental.

Pretty much like 'Judgement Of Heaven', this song describes the feelings of depression and an inner sense of ugliness, as the first verse shows:

When you start to take a look within

Do you feel at ease with what you see

Do you think you can have peace of mind

And have self-belief or be satisfied

Do you think you even like yourself

Or really think you could be someone else

But the very same person who "believed Judgement of Heaven [was] waiting for [him]" also realises that "All [his] life... [he's] run astray, let [his] faith... slip away" and ends this rather dark and introvert album with a really good piece of advice that everyone should think about a bit more:

Are you scared to look inside your mind

Are you worried just at what you'll find

Do you really want to face the truth

Does it matter now, what have you got to lose

Try release the anger from within

Forgive yourself a few immortal sins

Do you really care what people think

Are you strong enough to release the guilt



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