' 2 A.M. ' is a beautiful song with a catchy tune that underlies some extremely insightful and powerful lyrics. At least, it is stuff that many people can exactly relate to the meaninglessness and futility of life. There is not too much to say about this song, except maybe that the lyrics seem almost hauntingly autobiographical.

The meaning of life is questioned: is there really one? "I wonder why I'm here", "Life seems so pathetic". All those questions are more likely to arise when you're alone in the middle of the night, reflecting on what you've actually achieved so far and what the future may reserve. No answers are given, but an alternative is evoked: should we simply end this apparently meaningless life ("I wish I could leave it all behind") and this could refer to suicide, as well as to starting a radically new life or should we grit our teeth and keep going ("Hold on for something better")? The answer is for each and everyone to find for himself.

Do you just let go or carry on and try to take the hurt?

Good question...



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