This song faces the inevitable questions that all people eventually ask at some point in their lives regarding the meaning of existence, given that it actually has any meaning. It it has a dark and despondent mood that blends perfectly into the overall feel of the album. This is another song that takes a while to sink in and appreciate fully. However, after a few listens you'll have a hard time getting the tune out of your head and it may well become one of your favourite songs on the album.

'Judgement Of Heaven', like 'No Prayer For The Dying', contains an unusual plea to God "A silent prayer to God to help you on your way" and Steve Harris does not seem to seek the answers in the world around him, but from a hypothetical divinity instead:

And if there is a God then answer if you will

And tell me of my fate, tell me of my place

Tell me if I'll ever rest in peace

Unlike many other similar songs whose theme is depression and the quest for a meaning of life, this one does not seem to offer much hope, but asks a few essential questions to ponder, such as: "If you had the chance again would you change a thing at all?" In any case, Steve may have had his doubts, but "all of [his] life [he has] believed Judgement of Heaven is waiting for [him]", so why change his mind now?



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