This is another introspective song about facing and overcoming one's fears. Like many songs on this album, it begins with an acoustic and soft singing intro, and then breaks into faster and heavier verses and chorus. Although the main body of the song is not quite as dark than the intro, it is still a pretty good song with a tune that sticks in your mind.

Whatever fears and nightmares the protagonist experiences, they seem to stem from his dark past "In the house of my soul, in rooms of ugliness and cold, memories locked away" and he never had the courage to face them until now. This songs conveys a message of hope to those who are haunted by ancient memories that never properly dealt with: win or lose, the only way to conquer the remnants of an ugly past is to face them with a clear and lucid mind.

To shadows of the past

Take a breath and I scream "attack!"



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