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Full-length, EMI Records
16 Май 1983

Flight of Icarus, The Trooper

1. Where Eagles Dare 06:13
2. Revelations 06:48
3. Flight Of Icarus 03:51
4. Die With Your Boots On 05:26
5. The Trooper 04:12
6. Still Life 04:57
7. Quest For Fire 03:42
8. Sun And Steel 03:27
9. To Tame A Land 07:25

Времетраене: 46:01

Този албум е издаден на картинен винил в САЩ (с различна обложка) и бонус песен "Cross Eyed Mary".

Bruce Dickinson: Vocals
Steve Harris: Bass
Dave Murray: Lead & Rhythm Guitar
Adrian Smith: Lead & Rhythm Guitar
Nicko McBrain: Drums

Първоначално идеята за заглавие на албума е било "Food for Thought" но после е сменено на "Piece of Mind"

Изданието от 1996 излиза с бонус диск със следните песни:

01 - I've Got The Fire
02 - Cross Eyed Mary

Ремастерираната (подобрена с други думи) версия от 1998-ма год. също съдържа специално CD с мултимедия, която включва видео клипове, ексклузивни фото-галерии, биографии, интернет линкове и цветена книжка, съдържаща пълните текстове, картинки и снимки на Eddie.


Продуциран и миксиран от
Martin "Marvin" Birch

Записан в
Compass Point, Nassau

Denis Haliburton, Frank Gibson

Миксиран в
Electric Lady Sound Studios, New York

Асистен в миксирането
Bruce Buchhalter

Ремастериран от
Simon Hayworth в Chop 'Em Out (1998 re-release)

Всички права на
Zomba Music Publishers Ltd

Rod "Sheriff of Huddersfield" Smallwood for Sanctuary Music (overseas) Ltd. and Andy "I don't know about that" Taylor For Sanctuary Music Ltd.

Илюстрация на обложката
Derek "Dr. Death" Riggs

Дизайн и концепт на обложката
Iron Maiden, Rod Smallwood and Derek Riggs

Simon "Bullseye" Fowler (original 1983 release)
Ross Halfin, Robert Ellis and Simon Fowler (1998 re-release)

Keith Peacock for The Artful Dodgers Ltd. (original 1983 release)

Iron Maiden wanna thank the following: Rod and Andy: The Killer Krew – Tony "Wiggy" Wigens, Dicky "Der Fuhrer" Bell, Dave "Mega" Lights, Doug "Supersonic" Hall, John "JT" Thompson, Peter "Charles I" Kirkman, Bill "See yoo Jimmy" Barclay, Warren "Falling in love again" Poppe, Michael "Intense Man" Kenney, Bill "Never go 'ome" Bailey, Keith Wilfort FC, Paul Raxworthy, Michael McNamee, Gerry Sayer, Dennis Brown, Rob Laird, Newton Gomes, Jean McPherson, Abigail "Thing" Allt: Ronan, Derek and Roger at Meteorlite: Turbosound: Charlie Kail and his Brilliant Constructions: Paul Fowler: Neal Peppe: Neal, Mitchie and Family: Dave Dimartino: John Jackson: Bill Elson and all at ATI: Masa: Alex "Alectron" Alexandrou: Ibanez, Paiste, Dean Markley, Marshall, Rotosound, Chas. Foote: Ross "I'll murder you at squash" Halfin, Bob Ellis, Simon Fowler: Vic Vella: Ira and Homeboy: Barry Drinkwater and the Kiwis – Clutch, Rangy and Jeff: Morris, Tim, Dave and MCP: Howard "Eagle Eye" Jones: Roy, Karen and Calstar: Bill Liebowitz: Dave Mallet: The De Carteret family, St. Ouen's Manor: Charles du Quesne: Peter, Nick, Frank and the girls at Le Chalet: Moses, Lorraine, Ivy and the girls at Compass Point: Tom Pearson: Arthur knowles and the Midland Bank: The Earl of Essex (The pub not the bloke): Donny and Robin at the Waterloo, Nassau: Bruce Ravid: Bars, McDonalds and video shops everywhere: Remy and Ruddles: Clive, Ralph, Keith and Jan at Zomba: Marvin and Derek: Jim Hamar and Frank Conge: The Chadwell Heath maiden Crew – Mark, Chris, Adam, Titch and Paul: Pat "Butcher" Cash for the tennis lessons: Keith Sharp for the soccer (not lessons!): Scott McGuire: Mark and Lea: The Pied Piper and the Chicago Mutants: Pat McKenna and Robin Ivison: Jay Walberg: Patrick McGoohan: Barry Clayton: Ken Holmes: Chris Ambler: "Catsmeat" Waller: Jimmy Bolton, Aunt Janet: Melbourne Sports F.C.: Frank Herbert and Alister Maclean for the inspiration of their works: Orion Pictures: ******** to Mastercard.

No synthesisers or ulterior motives.

Специални благодарности на Clive Burr – Успех приятелю

To all the Headbangers, Earthdogs, Hell rats and Rivetheads everywhere – THANKS.

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(1998 re-release)